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Bluewater Imaging provides photo organizing, curating, creative and support services to families, professionals and entrepreneurs.

You’ve got the pictures but you don’t have the time. We get it. Maybe you are getting “out of space” alerts on your iPhone or computer. Maybe you want to do some photo projects but can’t find the images you want. Or the thought of sorting through 30,000 photos is just too daunting. There’s a school project that needs Megan’s baby photo and you can’t find it. You have to provide a dozen images to the local charity function but they’re the wrong size.
Bluewater Imaging is passionate about empowering people with skills and support to enjoy their photography. Whether it’s as simple as sending out photos as email attachments or as complex as coordinating an entire family’s computer, phone and tablet ecosystem. Over 40 years of photography, printing, and desktop publishing experience give us the tools to help you take control of your photo organizing and viewing. We love pictures and our mission is to make digital photography as simple and enjoyable as we can.

Photo Organizing

BLUEWATER IMAGING LLC is a member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) and participates in ongoing training to ensure that the solutions we offer align with the best practices of the industry. We attend trade shows to stay current on the latest ways to create, manage, protect, and display your photo collections.

Photobooks, Custom Prints, Publishing

Digital images offer convenience, but photos printed in books or fine art prints have an unmatched elegance and permanence. We provide book design and printing, wall art production, and online distribution. At BLUEWATER IMAGING we believe in the power of images to enrich lives, champion ideas, and foster communication.

Apple Technical Support and Training

We specialize in technical support and training for Apple products. With almost 5 years experience as an Apple genius and on the Apple creative team, we have seen pretty much everything. We are experienced at troubleshooting technical issues as well as helping clients understand their Apple products.

Creative and Support Services

Services include: + Collecting all images across devices & locations + Creating a master collection of images + Identifying and separating duplicates + Organizing images in an independent folder structure + Creating a backup strategy + Performing software evaluation and updates (Apple) + Evaluating hard drive condition (Apple) + Establishing a strategy for managing and backing up photos + Software training on Apple and photography apps. + Basic photography and camera techniques

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Our pictures are the time capsules of our lives
Pictures take us back to moments we cherish, people we love, and experiences we want to relive, again and again. And never has it been easier to collect those moments. To capture and share and savor the elusive gems of life. Technology lets us do that in more ways than ever before.
But technology also challenges with a speed and flexibility that fills hard drives, draws on multiple devices, saves photos in many places and teases us to include old printed photos in our database too. It’s common now to have tens of thousands of photos spread across multiple computers and devices.

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